Dear Diary,

Name: Melissa Jane
Age: 30
Location: Minnesota

This is my personal blog.

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We had a meeting today so I filled out my timesheet for this week and next week while I listened in on the call.

111 hours for 2 weeks

= 31 hours of overtime

ALSO, I found out today that there is a good possibility that I will now get holiday pay for working holidays! Uh, but not Easter - that’s not a company recognized holiday. lol But Memorial Day and the Friday before Memorial Day could be awesome days for me.

ALSO, I found out that there’s a chance I might get paid time off.

ALSO, I got paid today and after paying all my bills and buying groceries - I should have $500 saved up. I’m really hoping I get my property tax refund in the next month or so. I get an extra paycheck in May (love those long months) and I’m still applying for all the overtime they’ll give me so… I’m really hoping I’ll be in a decent spot by the end of May.

I’m hoping my Dad will help me out through July so I can pay off my smaller credit card and have a months worth of income saved up before I take on paying my own rent.

I think a lot about money :P I’m working my ass off trying to get myself ready to be a full fledged fucking adult. I’m exhausted but it’s what I gotta do.

Anyhow, done working my 11 hours for today so I’m turning off the computer and reading my book before bed. Goodnight <3

  • John:

    good evening, you alright?

  • Martin:

    what the fuck

  • -

  • Benedict:

    oh my gosh hi, I am so sorry are you okay? can I get you anything?

  • Sherlock:


  • -

  • Derek:

    stiles is such a dumbass omg

  • Tyler:

    smh shut up u love him

  • -

  • Stiles:


  • Dylan:

    aayyyyy lmao

  • -

  • Dean:

    I secretly love castiel

  • Jensen:

    I openly love misha

  • -

  • Castiel:

    I am castiel, angel of the lord

  • Misha:

    lmao yeah okay did u see this video of me cooking with my son

  • -

  • Captain Jack:

    I like dick

  • John:

    I like dick

  • -

  • Matt:

    Its crazy how we finish eachothers-

  • Doctor:


  • Matt:


  • -

  • Tony Stark:

    I'm Iron Man

  • Robert Downey junior:

    No, I'm Iron Man

Contrary to Popular Belief…




  • I do not watch Sherlock just to see Benedict Cumberbatch
  • I am not going to see Star Trek Into Darkness for the same reason
  • I do not watch Doctor Who just to see David Tennant
  • I do not watch The Avengers movies just to see Tom Hiddleston
  • I do not watch the Iron Man movies just to see RDJ
  • I do not watch anything just for hot guys
  • I can still appreciate that they are really hot